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Advantages to Outsource:- Outsourcing is a fascinating business because in this, one takes advantage of the cost benefits and apart from this, one also saves a big amount of money. Another advantage is that one will get unhindered access to the specialized services. There is reduction when it comes to time to delivery and apart from this time zone advantages provide tremendous benefit.

Technical help desk services

We provide product information, web site technical assistance as well as the product use information round the clock. In fact, help desk is enterprise hub because it delivers greater value to business as whole. The reason for success of Pandaje group in this area is the hands on experience and core technical knowledge. Our finest technology includes-

  • Optimized process for internal support
  • Task automation and workflow configuration
  • Collaborative and intuitive features
  • Flexibility
  • Customization to unique business needs

Cost centering to profit generation:

We at Pandaje BPO have transformed from cost centers to profit generators and we have proved as guardians as far as the customer loyalty is concerned. Our highly evolved technical support center has come in full limelight and it fully aids our core marketing wing. We provide state of the art technologies to support post sales and pre sales technical support.

Information - The secret of business success:

We at Pandaje BPO have highly powerful data capturing and analytical tools that allow real time reporting for small or bigger time duration and this keeps our company informed about current market trends.

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“After spending time with Pandaje BPO, I was really convinced about their capabilities. At Pandaje BPO, there is dynamic and competent resource providing hundred percent solutions“


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