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Advantages to Outsource:- Outsourcing is a fascinating business because in this, one takes advantage of the cost benefits and apart from this, one also saves a big amount of money. Another advantage is that one will get unhindered access to the specialized services. There is reduction when it comes to time to delivery and apart from this time zone advantages provide tremendous benefit.

Privacy policy and the service terms

We fully ascertain that the website BPO is fully owned by the Pandaje group and we are committed to the privacy right and we consider it rather our duty to protect the personal information that anyone shares with us. Our sole aim is the vibrant business and also outsourcing research tool as far as our media personnel, analysts, researchers and customers are concerned.

Information gathering sources
Contact us form

We gather the information directly through contact us form but one has the freedom as to whether one submits personal information or not.


We also collect information by way of cookies. But this information is not viewed at personal level. If the person does not want to use the information, one can disable cookies or opt out at download page or request.

Internet access log

We collect direct information through internet access logs. As the person browses our site, the internet address is automatically collected and is kept in our internet access logs./p>

Method of information use

The information is analyzed so that one can understand what is highly effective. This is also good for site improvement so that one can make it useful to both customers and visitors. The same information at some point of time can be used to send mails or newsletters which informing the person about conferences, events and latest services. Unsubscribe in case you do not want to receive mails.

We will not share information with external parties

The information of the individual will not be shared to external parties. There can be external links but we hold no responsibility for piracy practices.

Assurance regarding secured data

We have security measures and this protects alteration, misuse or loss. Any information is obtained through your consent. We will collect personal data only if necessary. The information stored will be kept secured against destruction, damage and loss. For any incorrect information or information yet to be corrected, do contact us.

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