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Advantages to Outsource:- Outsourcing is a fascinating business because in this, one takes advantage of the cost benefits and apart from this, one also saves a big amount of money. Another advantage is that one will get unhindered access to the specialized services. There is reduction when it comes to time to delivery and apart from this time zone advantages provide tremendous benefit.

How We Work

    1. Establish Contact

  • You fill the inquire form
  • The sales team calls or emails you

    2. Requirement Analysis

  • High level understanding of requirements
  • Ballpark estimate (where possible
  • Approval to go ahead
  • Detailed understanding of your requirements
  • Execute a pilot project (if required)m

    3. Pricing and Contracting

  • Confirm pricing
  • Proposal where required
  • Contracting & SLA sign-off

    4. Project Initiation

  • Resource deployment & Training
  • Project kick-off meeting

    5. Project Steady State

  • Project execution & management
  • On-going reporting & feedback

Contact Form

“After spending time with Pandaje BPO, I was really convinced about their capabilities. At Pandaje BPO, there is dynamic and competent resource providing hundred percent solutions“


Contact Form