About Us

All you need to know about our company


Who we are

Pandaje Web Services offers a diverse range of services under one roof. We are a team of experts across various fields and we utilize our expertise and vast domain knowledge to provide effective solutions to the clients from around the globe.


Our Mission

We always want to achieve extraordinary results by helping our clients make distinctive improvements. Our talented pool of experts helps us achieve our goals and thus ensure we are on our path towards success and prosperity.


Our Vision

Our vision is what leads us every day. It is to deliver outstanding services while honoring our values and taking care of our people. Our services simplify the work of our customers and increase its quality, which is exactly what we aim for.


Long Term Relationships

At Pandaje, we are always ready to serve you, we walk the extra mile and we add the final touch! As a result, we normally have very long relationships with our clients. Through consistent delivery of quality services, we gain the trust of our clients.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the major focus for us and therefore we never compromise with it! We are committed to our vision of providing quality solutions to our clients. We are committed to satisfy and exceed our customer expectations by providing high-quality products and solutions, on time, every time.

Passion for Innovation

Pandaje Web Services is passionate about implementing innovative ideas in our business processes that help us stay abreast of the rapidly changing market scenario. We constantly strive to offer the best to our customers.

Result-Driven Process

Results are the ultimate measure of our ability to deliver the value our customers expect and deserve. Our obsession with customer value is paramount to our success. Our approach towards finding the best possible solution for our customers is result-driven. Other things that we focus on include:

Customer Service

Our Core Values!

“That’s not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary. We’re willing to do what it takes to get stuff done right. We’re achievers and going the extra mile is in our DNA.

Do More

We believe in teamwork and learning from one another. We identify as well as utilize experience and skills thus ensuring continuous development of all.

Synergy and Unity

For all of us at Pandaje excellence is not something that has to be enforced but it is a way of life. We strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do and achieve.

Personal Excellence


If you collaborate with us for work, you would surely notice certain features in us, which are unique to us.

Winning Together

We follow an effective strategy!

Our people have ambition for shared success. Everyone contributes and everyone is valued. Winning together transcends all aspects of Pandaje Web Services. We create an environment for our employees which give them enough space for working independently.

Proud of Our Work

We create masterpieces!

We deliver awesome results to our customers, which has helped us come a long way. We take pride in what we do because we know exactly what we bring to the table. Our past achievements are just a small example of what we are capable of achieving in the future.

Being Transparent

We play fair and square!

We believe in transparency. We are committed to promoting open, two –way communication, so that every stakeholder knows where we stand and where we need to focus our energies to improve the company.