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Advantages to Outsource:- Outsourcing is a fascinating business because in this, one takes advantage of the cost benefits and apart from this, one also saves a big amount of money. Another advantage is that one will get unhindered access to the specialized services. There is reduction when it comes to time to delivery and apart from this time zone advantages provide tremendous benefit.

CATI Services

The best thing is the interactive system that guides the person who is taking the interview to ask effective and important questions and this is also very helpful for the purpose of market research. By outsourcing CATI, one can get the quality performance data that one wants to store. There is the facility of automatic call dialing and this shifts all the factors so that one gets the highest response rate and provides much important responses as possible.

    The benefits of outsourcing CATI needs

  • Commitment to quality outcomes
  • Providing complete solutions to global companies
  • Comprehensive CATI solutions taking care of work from beginning to end
  • Serving the multiple industries

    Outsourcing CATI requirements - advantages

  • We at Pandaje BPO have a trained staff and is fully committed to the outcomes of quality. It will fulfill the core tasks
  • Since the past many years, our CATI system is both mobilized as well as refined
  • We at Pandaje BPO provide comprehensive CATI solutions and these take care of the work from beginning to end. This will begin with the questionnaire design by having contacts with customers regarding their experience with the interviewers.
  • We Provide fully transparent CATI services

Retaining the priceless customers - We can provide help

At every step of CATI solutions, we reflect our strong professional background so as to give u the exact data. We have a fully organized mechanism and a well effective system that can fulfill the goals with less labor from other end. The end product is fully managed outside office giving you and your staff the desired confidence and freedom.

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“After spending time with Pandaje BPO, I was really convinced about their capabilities. At Pandaje BPO, there is dynamic and competent resource providing hundred percent solutions“


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